Spartansburg Community Fair September 3rd - 9th 2023
Junior Fair Board

For more information please contact Laurie Patterson at

Junior Fair Board Application


Live in Crawford County, have a Spartansburg, PA mailing address or be sponsored by a Fair Director

Be between the age of 10 to 22 as of November 1st of the application year.

Be able to fulfill a one-year term as a Junior Fair Board member (through completion of fair week)

Complete the Junior Fair Board application including signed parent/guardian consent



Be willing to promote the Fair in a positive manner.

Abide by the rules and the responsibilities set for the Spartansburg Community Fair Junior Board

Maintain a professional and cooperative attitude with fairgoers, Junior and Senior Fair Board members,as well as other fair staff and volunteers

As a Jr. Fair Board member you must use appropriate behavior, language and dress appropriately when representing the Spartansburg Community Fair.

Support the decisions, policies, and activities of the Junior Fair Board and Senior Fair Board

Attend a minimum of six (6) Junior Fair Board meetings and two (2) Senior Fair Board meetings(The number of meetings of the Junior Fair Board is suggested to be once a month but will be determined by the activities planned.

Work a minimum number of 10 hours during the Spartansburg Community Fair as reported to the Junior Fair Board Advisors

To perform, in a satisfactory and cooperative manner, all duties and tasks as assigned to him or her prior and/or during the Fair.

Duties and tasks assigned to Junior Fair Board members will vary greatly. Duties may include assisting/shadowing any Fair Board member in any area of the fair, helping or coordinating with certain events(concerts, tractor pulls, demonstrations, etc.), taking surveys, office and ticket booth tasks, assist with parking and other duties as assigned.


Benefits of Jr. Fair Board.

Learn and develop time management, communication, teamwork, leadership and goal setting skills

Learn to plan, prepare, cooperate and carry out certain fair events led by the Junior Fair Board

Have a “voice” in improving the Spartansburg Community Fair and the Junior Board activities

Free admittance to Spartansburg Community Fair with additional privileges designated by the Senior Board

Having fun while working at the Spartansburg Community Fair

Code of Conduct- Dismissal


Any Junior Board member who does not perform his or her responsibilities to the satisfaction of the Junior Board Advisor may be dismissed at any time prior or during the Spartansburg Community Fair.

For further information contact: Laurie Patterson 814-873-1907


Spartansburg Community Fair 231 Jefferson Street P. O. Box 88 Spartansburg, PA 16434 814-654-7608


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